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24.05.2019 11:16:00

On 25 March, 2019 at the opening session of business forum Vending and Self-Service systems in Russia the president of Russian National Vending Association Boris Belotserkovsky summed up the year’s results in vending industry.

According to Mr. Belotserkovsky vending business went through implementation of fiscalization law without serious upheaval and outflow of entrepreneurs from the industry was insignificant. Individual entrepreneurs got a delay for cash registers installation till summer 2019. The necessity to print sales slip was canceled. Bulk and water vending machines were relieved from the necessity to install cash registers.

In his report Belotserkovsky emphasized that Russia is on the fifth place among European countries by vending machines quantity giving way to Italy, Germany, France and Spain. 16 800 new vending machines were sold in 2018 which is 20% more than in 2017. The volume of sales via vending is 10 % higher than in 2017. Whereas the revenue from sales via vending machines amounted to RUB 43.8 bln.

Other interesting tendencies were noticed in Russian vending industry this year. For example, Moscow Metro has transformed by installing new coffee and snack vending machines and their quantity is growing. This tendency is closely linked to other trend - FMCG networks found sales of products, beverages, SIM cards and other items via vending machines profitable for products distribution.

RNVA reports that the total amount of vending machines in Russia today is 178 000. According to realistic forecast their number will reach 205 000 by 2020.

Other trends in vending industry of 2018:
• Increase of acquiring operations and contactless payment in vending industry
Active installation of telemetry into vending machines
Bicycles and scooter rental services actively develop in big Russian cities.

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