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13th VendExpo and 4th WRS5 2019
16.05.2019 17:18:00

VendExpo and WRS5 2019, the exhibition of vending technologies and self-service systems, was held at Expocentre in Moscow from March 25 to 27, with great success. Sixty-seven companies from Russia, Italy, Croatia, China, Taiwan, the UK, Germany, Poland and Canada took part in the exhibition. Over the three days, 8,600 visits were recorded!

One of the most notable displays was the stand from EVOCA, one of the world’s largest producers of vending and coffee machines for the HoReCa segment. Also, new items were presented by Italian vending machine manufacturers Rheavendors East, Bianchi, FAS, Jofemar, and leading Russian manufacturer Unicum. The Televend, Telemetron, Vendotek, iVend, KITvending, and stands demonstrated telemetry and payment system solutions.

Companies PRIMI KARTU!, EFOR, Platezhnie Resheniya, and others showcased products for the use of cashless payments in vending. Alongside traditional machines for selling coffee and snacks, the exposition also saw machines for sales of water, beer, milk, and even ice cream! Together with that, visitors were able to evaluate lottery machines from Stoloto and SmartVend companies. The Umniy.Bufet company demonstrated its smart refrigerator, for the sale of prepared food in the office. Ingredients, components for vending machines, bulk vending machines, and much more could be seen at the exhibition.

Self-service systems once again drew visitors attention, and several concepts were displayed. Solutions were presented by, among others: parcel locker manufacturer Omnic, already on the market in the USA and Germany and planning intense development in Russia; Softmine, a leader in the market of automated, self-service retail systems; self-service kiosk software developer Soft-logic; and power bank rental service provider BattBox.

One powerful attraction was the “Vending and Self-Service Systems in Russia” business forum. More than 1,000 people visited the forum in two days! There was much interest in discussion of federal law 54 and future prospects for the vending industry, master classes for new operators with participation from experienced vendors, presentations of new solutions on the market, and other themes.

Exhibitors by sector:
42% - vending machines
25% - payment system solutions, telemetry, cash processing, etc.
20% - components
11% - self-service systems
20% - ingredients (coffee, snacks, other products)
9% - other (marketplace, leasing, other)

Many visitors remarked on the quality of the exhibition, and noted the value of VendExpos proximity to the international exhibition of franchising, BUYBRAND Franchise Market. Indeed, several vending companies proposed the development of vending networks through franchising, which will doubtless be a future trend.

A large delegation from China, headed by Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Association President Yu Enze, showed interest in the exhibition. The delegation also included representatives from major Chinese manufacturers of vending machines, including Easy Touch, TCN, Dalian Fuji Bingshan Vending Machine, and others. The associates from the Celestial Empire explored the exhibition with great interest, and noted the size and quality of the VendExpo audience.

The 14th Exhibition of Vending Technologies and Self-Service Systems VendExpo and WRS5 will take place in spring 2020. See you next year at VendExpo!

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