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Vending in other countries. Japan
30.11.2018 13:56:00

At the end of 2017 the amount of vending machines in the land of the rising sun amounted to 4271000! In 2006 the maximum number of vending machines was 5515700 units. In 2017 57% of the total vending market are beverage selling machines. The most popular products are cold beverages, coffee and cocoa take second position, third – milk products; sake and beer are at the end of the list.

In 2017 sales via vending machines decreased for 1.2%. Mainly due to the lack of operating personnel.

On the peak of cigarette vending machines’ popularity, there amount was 630000 unites but today there are approximately 170000 units operating.

It is predicted that demand for food vending machines in offices and factories will grow. Nowadays in Japan there are 71900 unites of vending machines which sale instant noodle, frozen food, ice- cream, confectionary and other food.

Ticket vending machines are becoming less popular due to the Internet purchasing, 55200 unites are installed. Vending machines in Japan are in high demand among tourists. Foreigners usually exchange currency, reserve hotels via vending machines. 238600 machines for selling cards, hygiene, newspapers, toys and other goods are installed in Japan.

The article is prepared with the support of QG magazine and Japan Vending System Manufacturers Association.

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