• The 12th International Vending Technologies and Self-Service Systems Exhibition VendExpo and WRS5 was held at VDNKh in Moscow on March 28-30, 2018.
    2017 was a critical year for the Russian vending industry. For the first time in three years, sales of new vending machines grew by 30% over 2016, and the volume of retail sales through vending machines grew by 29.3 million euros.

    On top of the figures mentioned above, the exhibition itself also grew by 1.5 times compared to last year. Over three days, more than 5,000 attended – approximately 30% more than the previous year. In attendance at the exhibition were entrepreneurs and industry specialists from 28 countries.

    More than 75 companies from 8 countries took part in VendExpo, representing around 150 global and Russian brands. Of these, 33 companies were first-time participants. Among them were: Oranfresh, an Italian manufacturer of machines selling fresh juice; Giesecke+Devrient, German developers and suppliers of leading solutions in cash recirculation; the Televend company from Hungary, who developed a telemetry system for vending; and many more. After taking a break from the exhibition for a few years, Rheavendors East returned to the exhibition. It offers a wide range of floor and tabletop coffee machines.

    Companies from the UK, China, Taiwan and other countries were also present. Companies that unveiled new products, developments and solutions for the vending industry included Mars, Orange data, Unicum, CPI, Evoca, Innovative Technology, Provending and the Moskovkiy factory of sales equipment, to name a few.

    One in three attendees expressed an interest in the part of the exhibition dedicated to self-service systems (WRS5), which featured:

    • Grocery and mail machines

    • Payment kiosks and terminals

    • Self-order terminals and software for self-service kiosks

    • Cash handing and collection solutions

    • And other solutions for HoReCa, the service sector and retail trade

    The running of the exhibition was supported by the Vending and Self-Service Systems in Russia business forum, which always draws close attention from industry specialists. Speakers at the forum included representatives of UNICUM, INPAS, MARS, Alfa Robotics, Giesecke+Devrient and many more.

    Another part of the exhibition was the Best Vending Beverage contest, which is dedicated to improving the quality of drinks from vending machines. The winners were Rheavendors East, OOO SIBA-Vending, and GK Vavilon Vending.

    For the first time, the VendExpo and WRS5 ran alongside the international BUYBRAND Franchise Market exhibition, which featured 103 Russian and international franchising brands. The union of the two exhibitions under the theme of “business” serves as a good demonstration of the powerful effect of synergy. Over the three days, they were attended by over 9,000 visitors.

    This exhibition has shown that the vending market in Russia is developing dynamically, new players are appearing, and the level of interest from major FMCG companies in vending as a sales channel is growing. Of the key trends in the Russian vending market, it is also worth noting the following:

    • Sales growth with regard to desktop vending machines due to the convergence of the vending industry and HoReCa;
    • Financial organizations renewed leasing programs for the vending industry (an increase of 25% as compared to 2016).
    • The Coffee ToGo machine generates revenue by 25–50% more than a regular machine;
    • The share of non-cash payments will soar (an increase of 200–300% as compared to 2016);
    • New tools for digital interaction with the consumer (applications, touchscreen interfaces, etc.) will be developed.

    The next exhibition will take place in Spring 2019, and promises to be just as interesting and appealing to Russian and foreign businesspeople alike. See you at VendExpo 2019! 

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    Key Industrial Events for Vending Technologies & Self-Service Systems in Eastern Europe Are To Take Place on March 28 To 30, 2018 in Moscow.
    International Exhibitions, VendExpo and WRS5 2018, will present latest achievements of automated trade and service and self-service solutions for mass customer.

    It is expected that nearly 80 local and international companies will present over 150 brands of vending machines, spare parts, ingredients, payment solutions, self-service systems, etc. Over 4000 entrepreneurs from all Russia regions and nearby countries will visit the Exhibition.

    It is the first time when the event will be held simultaneously to franchise exhibition BUYBRAND Franchise Market, which will gather over 100 national and foreign franchise companies in the sphere of public catering, retail and services as well as over 5000 entrepreneurs with total investment potential around $0.7 bln. The exhibitors and visitors of BUYBRAND Franchise Market will be able to increase the flow of visitors to the event and widen the audience.

    The interest to the event from the companies is already noticeable. Such brands as CPI, VNE SRL, Provending, Bilt, ICT, Evolve, Mars, NECTA, BRITA, Rheavendors East, STEGO, Innovative Technology and others have already confirmed their participation. Among Russian companies SIBA Vending, Unicum, Rosavtomattorg, VendEx, Vavilon Vending, Telemetron and Vendshop should be noted – all of them were commended by the visitors on the 2017 exhibition. Almost 70% of exhibition space is already occupied by exhibitors.

    Vending market in Russia is in progress. According to the report of the president of the National Association of Automated Trade, Boris Belotserkovskiy, in 2018-2021 growth rates for vending in Russia will meet the rates of food retail development at 12-13%. By 2021, the number of vending machines will reach 270 thousand, encouraged by such market growth factors as: holding of FIFA World Cup of 2018, adopting popular formats of retail by vending due to growing share of «intellectual machines», the share of economically active urban population increasing by 5,3% annually, as well as growing interest in vending from international FCMG-manufacturers.

    The exhibition is held under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, with the support of National Vending Association, OPORA ROSSII, European Vending Association.

    Read more on the website Contacts: +7495 249 11 09 /

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    VendExpo-2017: summarizing the 11-th international exhibition of vending technologies and self-service systems.
    The only Russian exhibition specializing in the vending sphere, VendExpo-2017, has completed its work in Moscow. The event took place from February 28 till March 2, 2017. Companies from Russia, USA, Italy, China, Canada, UK, Spain and other countries participated, presented more than 100 models of vending machines and came up with payment solutions for vending machines, ingredients and other resolutions for the vending commerce.

    The only Russian exhibition specializing in the vending sphere, VendExpo-2017, has completed its work in Moscow. The event took place from February 28 till March 2, 2017. Companies from Russia, USA, Italy, China, Canada, UK, Spain and other countries participated, presented more than 100 models of vending machines and came up with payment solutions for vending machines, ingredients and other resolutions for the vending commerce. There were registered 4037 visits of the Expo during three days by entrepreneurs and specialists came from 24 countries!

    The Mars company participated in the exhibition for the first time, shared its 25 years of expertise in vending and presented a diverse product line for vending.

    Three companies from Italy were also presented for the first time: «Commerciale Adriatica srl» with their brand trademark - espresso machines PANAFE'®, a water purification systems manufacturer BILT SRL, and representatives of the «Alberici» company with their new models of remotes for car washes and change machines for supermarkets in a cheap price range.

    A new generation of coffee and snacks machines Saeco for vending operators was brought to the exhibition by the «Professionalnie and Torgovie Avtomati» company. N&W Global Vending GmbH presented a new snack machine Jazz, replacing Snakky Max. And this is just a small part of all innovations presented at the exhibition.

    Uvenco, «ROSAVTOMATTORG», «SIBA-Vending», Gumballs, CPI, Vendshop, Sensis, Pyramid Technologies Incorporated, «Vavilon Vending», Vending Lab, Westomatic, Formacia, «STYLE-ABC», CUSTOM/«Ladon-N», Deorsola, DEEP 2000 and others also participated in the VendExpo-2017.

    An exhibition hosted a separate section for innovative solutions in retail and self-service systems - WRS5. With WRS5, the participants demonstrated car washing and laundry equipment, queue management systems, information kiosks and other «solutions from the future».

    During the days of the exhibition a business forum took place, in which the participants of VendExpo-2017 discussed the legislative initiative of implantation of the check-out equipment in vending, methods of increasing the vending network’s effectiveness, and also introduced innovative systems of customer identification (unique technology PalmSecure based on scanning palm veins, introduced by Fujitsu) and many more.


    forecast of the market’s development in 2017-2022. - from the president of the National Association of Automated Trade, Boris Belotserkovskiy’s, report that was presented at the beginning of the «Vending and self-service systems in Russia» forum.

    Optimistic forecast:

    • Introduction of fiscalization will be carried out by a scenario that is favorable for the industry
    • World Cup 2018 will be one of the factors of the industry growth
    • Growth rates for vending in Russia will meet the rates of food retail development
    • By 2021, the number of vending machines will reach 270 thousand.

    Pessimistic forecast:

    • An introduction of legislation against cash registers in vending will decrease the industry growth to its minimum in 2017, and will lead to 10% reduction in the equipment stock in 2018.
    • By 2019, the industry will determine the direction of future development and the growth will resume on the rate of 12-13%, similar to the growth rates in the food retail.
    • By 2021, the number of vending machines will surpass 200 thousand.

    Market growth drivers:

    • According to the Rosstat estimates, the share of economically active urban population will be increasing by 5,3% annually
    • Demand for vending services will grow due to large infrastructure projects (World Cup of 2018)
    • Vending is adopting popular formats of retail. A share of «intellectual machines» is growing.
    • According to the Deutsche Bank forecasts, in 2018-2021 food retail growth rates will increase (but won’t reach pre-crisis indicators) by 12-13%.
    • International FMCG manufacturers interest in vending as a sales channel will grow.

    EMTG Company, organizer of the exhibition, thanks all the participants of 2017 and is glad to announce that early bird booking for VendExpo and WRS5 is opened. 

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